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ARTur Moon is an out-of-the-box pianist, composer, improviser and visionary of his performances. By not having his head in the clouds, but utilizing a sky-is-the-limit approach, this mystical artist promotes a completely different experience of music by stimulating the imagination and consciousness to create a better, more art-filled world. Armed with only a piano and a life mission, ARTur Moon is proposing a tour of international distinction and aiming to make a record as innovative as he is for new audiences in the world. Possessing an abundance of artistry and charm, he reaches beyond first impressions under the artistic pseudonym of ARTur Moon, consisting of two parts: “ARTur” a name which literally means “your art” (“ur” = “your), to convey that the act of spreading art to all is strongly engraved in his person and "Moon", emphasizing his strong relationship with the Cosmos.

“We are part of something larger than us, the Universe. I create music for people, so that it evokes unforgettable emotions, make them feel every chord and sound force of my compositions, closing their eyes and moving to other dimensions. I want to transform it in such a way “ ARTur Moon proclaims. “As a person, I want to spread love. Music opens the heart enabling it to release love. By changing the approach to music and art into a once in a lifetime, emotional event, I wish to show the world new dimensions and revive what the music experience can really be.”

Starting music on a grand piano at the age of four (a rambunctious, disobedient child during music lessons he often created alternate endings during instruction), ARTur Moon attended two schools, consuming music and graduating high school early. He excelled at his craft only to be sidetracked by a devastating illness.

“Despite all the goodwill and training, I could not perform, I was sick with a severe and incurable illness,” he states. “My body was bleeding often; I still remember the embarrassment when my white shirts were getting sticky and purple red. Finally, with the help of Chinese medicine, I was cured of this terrible and shameful disease. After this healing, I was ready to reach for the best prizes and awards in Europe as a true reward and reassurance of my talent and mission.”

One with the piano, ARTur intuitively adjusts its sound to create perfection: it is for him the entire spectrum of colors and energies an extension mind and imagination. Graduating with distinction from Wejherowo I level State Music School, he has been awarded prizes in prestigious piano competitions while numerous foundations and cultural organizations have granted him scholarships. Performing in concert halls in the USA, United Arab Emirates, UK, Italy, Greece, France, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Malta, Cyprus, Serbia, Georgia, Indonesia, Philippines, Bali and his native Poland, ARTur’s unique blend of performance art has been received with praise. The International Music Universities also invite him to conduct masterclasses with students, treating him as an authority in the world of music.

“Since my first steps into the bigger world of music, many magical things have happened” he says. “Many of my works are on such an expert level that some were disbelieving that they came from such an inexperienced mind. This made me confident that if I am able to uniquely combine the heart and the mind, I can create things beyond time and space and achieve anything I want!”

Always dreaming of connecting the various art forms to present beyond the time, beyond the era, ARTur Moon is adept at bringing his visions to reality. Each of his performances is called "Impression" because he will never repeat his art in the same way, making every moment of his creative act as a unique and elusive impression of the present moment. Darkness Impression ([Concert in the Darkness] is a musically unpredictable improvisation in the dark), HeART Impression (is a multi-media extravaganza of film, music and ballet that came to him in a dream), Piano Impression (is a combination of classical songs with jazz standards and own compositions), Classic Impression (is classical music in original and twisted with modern improvisation) and the electronically driven performance listened on the lying position Chillout Impression are proprietary performances as the fulfillment of ARTur’s dreams.

“I have heard from the audience many times that I can hypnotize with piano sounds” ARTur Moon exclaims. “I would like to invite the audience to move inside, to their imagination. It's an amazing experience, an intuitive journey inside yourself. I would like everyone to have such a chance at least once in their life. I am glad that the world opens up their hearts and souls to my music. I think they will accept my mission and its larger vision.”

Realizing his ideas, ARTur Moon is already an active and experienced live performer receiving magical reception wherever he goes. Is it possible that the power they have seen in ARTur is the same power that attracted YOU here? A light in the dark...a droplet in a desert...a breath of fresh air in a world polluted with unoriginality?